Project Description:

To alleviate congestion through the Town of Pine Grove, a cooperative project between the California Department of Transportation and the Amador County Transportation Commission was proposed. State Route 88 serves as the main street for this foothill community and is currently a two lane facility with turn pockets through town. Project studies will include a widening through Pine Grove as well as alternative Northerly or Southerly two-lane bypass routes. CTA Engineering and Surveying was selected to provide the topographic mapping for this project. Our sub-consultant, Radman Aerial Surveys, provided aerial photogrammetric mapping of the project area, including sufficient coverage of the potential bypass routes. Additionally, CTA provided more detailed ground surveys in area of dense vegetation cover and at critical design elements and intersections. A subsequent contract with Dokken Engineering has CTA providing the Land Net base mapping and detailed design topographic surveys for the project. The Land Net covers approximately 108 parcels through the community of Pine Grove. The original mapping work began during a period of inclement weather, but our experience allowed us to effectively prioritize assignments and delivered the project on time and within budget.